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I can start from anywhere but I will start from the middle in this case. I was told my Maryland HQL was revoked. What is an HQL? Handgun Qualification License. After doing what the State Trooper told me to do and did not work, I went onto google and searched an attorney who would even listen much less take the case on. I called or emailed a few attorneys and only ONE called me back. ONE! And that one is? Murdoch Walker! Period! He listened to me. Actually listened. Who does that nowadays? Told me the costs upfront so that there were no discrepancies. Murdoch had stayed in contact with me, minus he having to be in court (still text me to let me know that), and kept me informed of what he and his partner Joshua could or could not do. No guarantees. Well, let me take that back, they did guarantee they would represent me and handle the administrative issues with the Feds. I read the reviews of previous clients and the ones that were not their clients. I guess folks do not know about client/attorney confidentiality. All of the previous clients, (actual clients) say the same things I am saying now, YOU CANNOT GO WRONG in contact Murdoch & Joshua! Call them! Professional! Friendly! Courteous! Timely! These aren't words to say lightly with these two. They actually are the epitome of these words I mentioned!

- Jose Cruz, Sr

I have known [Joshua] for the past nine years, and I have worked with him on numerous federal criminal matters. He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of federal criminal law and procedure; he works well with his clients and other attorneys; and he is a gifted trial lawyer. [Joshua] is a tireless and zealous advocate for those whom he represents. I look forward to working with him in the future.

(federal criminal defense attorney and former United States Attorney)

I have sat front row seat to Murdoch’s comprehensive career in criminal investigations and law; an extremely hard worker, he is dogged in his dedication to his craft, extremely talented, an overachiever, and intensely honest. He has spent his career defending others; and in an age when the legal profession’s integrity is often maligned, I am always happy to see Murdoch—a man of high moral character—amidst our ranks. Without hesitation, I would trust his abilities in the representation of those faced with the most complex and challenging of legal troubles.

John M. McCallum, Esq.,
(attorney and managing partner at Robinson, Kriger & McCallum in Portland, Maine)

[Josh] has a presence. He’s very much the man on top of his game in court. He’s fearless, leaving no avenue unexplored, no matter the dangers . . . . If you need a lawyer with a presence, with skill, with determination and courage, you need Josh Lowther.

James Dangerfield, Esq.
(federal and state criminal defense attorney and former Assistant Solicitor General)

  • Being a great advocate for a defendant isn’t just knowing the law. It’s about knowing people, understanding their stories and experiences. It’s relating to your client. Murdoch Walker does this as well as any attorney I know. He’s the guy I want in my corner no matter the situation.

    Radney H. Wood, Esq. (attorney with Vela Keller in Austin , Texas)

    Mr. Lowther is an outstanding lawyer . . . . He is a very educated, honest, understanding lawyer who alleviated a lot of our concerns and worries. He is a very down to earth lawyer who . . . worked with me and my husband through our difficult time and showed care and concern for us even after our case was over. Give him a shot; you won’t regret it.

    T.F. (wife of former client)

  • I just heard from [client] and it played out the way you said. He has probation but no jail or house arrest . . . . [We] are thrilled. Thank you so much for handling the case so effectively and for all your information and updates as the case progressed.

    D.S. (family member of former client D.S.)

    Mi abogado favorito.

    G.D. (former client)

  • [Thank] you for the incredible job you did on this case. We are very pleased with the ultimate outcome.

    George E. Lee, Esq. (immigration attorney for a former client, G.C.)

    The most reliable and brightest attorney I have ever known. Mr. Lowther has represented me numerous times in the past 10 [years]. He has done an excellent job. He is very good at what he does. He has treated my family and [me] with the utmost respect and honesty. He is the best.

    T.A. (former client)

  • I have known Murdoch as deputy sheriff, drug task force agent, DEA liaison, law student, and now as an attorney. I can honestly say that Murdoch is one of the hardest working people that I know. His intensity, dedication, and loyalty are beyond compare. I know that he will excel in life and private practice.

    Robert E. Ferguson, Jr., Esq. (federal and state criminal defense attorney and former Assistant Solicitor)

    [Y]ou are a master at what you do!!!

    Z.L. (former client)

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