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Tax Fraud Lawyers

If you find yourself facing tax fraud charges, you will want to consult with an experienced tax fraud lawyer with an in-depth knowledge of IRS investigations and the inner workings of tax law. This type of legal representation is vital for all cases involving tax fraud charges.

It is common knowledge that for as long as taxes have been imposed, there are people who have tried to avoid paying them. Whether information is falsified or individuals intentionally fail to pay taxes, any variety of tax fraud is a very serious matter.

Tax fraud is not defined as one single crime or violation. Instead, it’s like an umbrella of many forms of dishonesty surrounding taxes. It can include providing incorrect information on tax returns, such as overstating expenses, neglecting to claim or report full income, refusing to file taxes in their entirety, or claiming a state of residence that you don’t actually reside in. Any form of knowingly or intentionally giving incorrect information on your taxes can be considered tax fraud, which is a very serious federal crime.

Tax evasion is a more specific crime that falls under the umbrella of tax fraud. Evasion involves intentionally misrepresenting taxable income, with the sole means of paying less or nothing that would otherwise be owed. This can also take on a variety of forms, but it is always taken very seriously by the IRS.

If you are suspected of any form of tax fraud and evasion, arrests and tax-related criminal charges will follow. This can lead to criminal charges of tax evasion and fraud, which may lead to conviction and harsh sentences.

Illegal Tax Evasion Schemes

While there are certainly legal means to avoid paying taxes, such as putting away some of your pretax income in an IRA account or honestly deducting expenses, the government does deal harshly with the illegal ways of not paying taxes. Additionally, mistakes are often made on tax returns, many of which are accidental. The difference between true tax fraud and simple mistakes is intent. If you aim to misrepresent or falsify anything, you can be charged with and tried for tax fraud.

Sometimes tax fraud is discovered after the IRS has performed an audit on personal, civil finances. Other times, tax evasion is revealed when a former employee or disgruntled spouse reports to the IRS. The fact remains that as soon you are made aware of potential tax fraud investigations by the IRS, it is important that you hire a tax fraud lawyer right away. The sooner you have someone working on your side and on your behalf, the more likely it is that you can get on top of the situation before it spirals out of control. Your tax fraud lawyer can represent you in many common tax evasion schemes that the IRS will investigate.

Sham Trusts: This tax evasion scheme occurs when a person signs their home over to a trust account. Then, a person can deduct maintenance expenses. Other times, a person can make it look like their business has been turned over to trust in an effort to avoid paying business taxes. There are also examples of foreign sham trusts.

Company Money - Living Off the Company: When this form of tax fraud occurs, a business owner is usually accused of using the company’s money to live off of. These personal uses could include spending company money on vehicles, travel, or vacations.

Third-Party Payers: This specific tax evasion scheme occurs when a business contracts a third-party company to handle payroll. The third-party company is known as an employee leasing company. They are the ones that collect the taxes from payroll but then fail to pay them out to the IRS.

Pyramiding: Pyramiding occurs when a company or business collects taxes from their employees, but instead of handing them over to the IRS, they keep the taxes and instead use them as capital for continuing to operate their business.

These are unique situations that call for a very precise way of fighting against them. Each instance of tax fraud should be handled differently, and that is why it is imperative that a tax fraud lawyer handle these types of tax scheme cases to counter any serious charges against the accused. Our top tax fraud lawyers have extensive knowledge and understanding of exactly how to defend tax fraud cases. We pride ourselves on being able to handle even the most difficult of cases with positive outcomes. Our skilled defenses have been proven to result in lessened charges and penalties, or even a complete dismissal of the case. When you find yourself in trouble with the IRS because of potential tax fraud schemes, it’s our reputable tax fraud lawyers that you want to reach out to so we can be in your corner during this difficult time.

Know Your Rights

If you feel you are being targeted by the IRS, it’s important to contact a tax fraud lawyer to protect your family and your assets. An IRS investigation is an intrusion that can affect both your personal and professional life. When an investigation begins into your finances, it is crucial that you know your rights, and it is your right to hire a tax fraud lawyer to help shield you during your defense. While your accountant may not be held to an accountant-client privilege during an investigation and is required to tell the IRS everything, your tax fraud lawyer is not. The attorney-client privilege is upheld so that communication between you and your tax fraud lawyer will remain confidential so that your attorney cannot be compelled to testify. This provides you with a confidential barrier between you and the IRS, and it is your right.

Criminal Investigations vs. Civil Audit

There is a very distinct difference between a regularly occurring civil audit and an ongoing criminal investigation, particularly in the field of tax fraud. The best tax fraud lawyers recognize that a criminal investigation should never be treated the same as a civil audit. It is important to keep in mind that a special agent in a criminal investigation is responsible for collecting evidence against taxpayers in order to indict and convict on tax fraud. Before talking to or being intimidated by a special agent into giving information, consult a tax fraud lawyer. It is in your best interest to have any and all communication go through your lawyer first so that you don’t do anything to harm your case or affect the ultimate outcome. An experienced tax fraud lawyer will know exactly how to help you and the legal course to take for each step of the investigation to protect you and work in your best interest.

Finding Tax Fraud Solutions with the Help of a Tax Fraud Lawyer

Build the very best defense against accusations of tax fraud with the help of a highly trained tax fraud lawyer who can navigate the legal process. Our team of attorneys can help with all issues related to tax evasion and fraud, including submitting false claims or documents, undisclosed offshore accounts, international tax problems, failure to file, collect, or pay taxes, and more. Every tax problem has a solution, and it’s our job to find it for you. Let our skilled tax fraud lawyers clear up the confusion and help you attain the best end result possible. Get a winning tax fraud lawyer on your side today and put an end to a stressful and uncertain situation. We have helped others in your situation and want to help you too, so give us a call today for an initial consultation.

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