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Practice Areas

Financial Fraud

Bank Fraud

Money Laundering

Health Care Fraud

Gun Trafficking

Other Practice Areas

  • angle-down Access Device Fraud
  • angle-down Aggravated Identity Theft
  • angle-down Art Theft
  • angle-down Bank Robbery
  • angle-down Bid Rigging
  • angle-down Biological Weapons Offenses
  • angle-down Bribery
  • angle-down Chemical Weapons Offenses
  • angle-down Child Pornography Offenses
  • angle-down Child Support Offenses
  • angle-down Civil Rights Offenses
  • angle-down Computer Offenses
  • angle-down Conspiracy to Commit a Federal Offense
  • angle-down Conspiracy to Commit a Controlled Substances Offense
  • angle-down Conspiracy to Defraud the United States
  • angle-down Conspiracy to Commit a Drug Offense
  • angle-down Conspiracy to Submit False Claims
  • angle-down Conspiracy to Engage in Money Laundering
  • angle-down Contempt
  • angle-down Controlled Substances Offenses
  • angle-down Counterfeit Goods and Merchandise
  • angle-down Election Fraud
  • angle-down Environmental Offenses
  • angle-down Espionage
  • angle-down Export Administration Regulations (EAR) Violations
  • angle-down Extortion
  • angle-down False Claims
  • angle-down False Distress Signal
  • angle-down False Statements
  • angle-down Firearms Offenses
  • angle-down Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Offenses
  • angle-down Gambling
  • angle-down Harboring a Fugitive
  • angle-down Harboring an Illegal Alien
  • angle-down Health Care Fraud
  • angle-down Human Trafficking
  • angle-down Illegal Re-entry into the United States
  • angle-down Impersonating a Federal Agent
  • angle-down International Parental Kidnapping
  • angle-down Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property
  • angle-down Interstate or Foreign Travel to Commit a Crime
  • angle-down Kickbacks
  • angle-down Kidnapping a Federal Agent
  • angle-down Lacey Act Offenses
  • angle-down Larceny
  • angle-down Mail Fraud
  • angle-down Maritime Offenses
  • angle-down Misprision of Felony
  • angle-down Mortgage Fraud
  • angle-down Narco-terrorism
  • angle-down Obstruction of Justice
  • angle-down Passport Fraud
  • angle-down Perjury
  • angle-down Piracy
  • angle-down "Ponzi" Schemes
  • angle-down Procurement Fraud
  • angle-down Public Corruption
  • angle-down Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) Offenses
  • angle-down Sex Trafficking
  • angle-down Sexual Exploitation of Children
  • angle-down Slavery
  • angle-down Social Security Benefits Fraud
  • angle-down Stolen Valor
  • angle-down Terrorism
  • angle-down Trademark Infringement
  • angle-down Trafficking Illegal Aliens
  • angle-down Travel in Aid of Racketeering
  • angle-down Voter Fraud
  • angle-down Witness Retaliation
  • angle-down Witness Tampering
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