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Criminal Defense Attorneys

Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker, best-in-class federal criminal defense attorneys, offer exceptional representation in all aspects of federal criminal matters, including pre-indictment and administrative investigations, pre-trial litigation practice, trials, appeals, and asset-forfeiture litigation.

No matter what type of criminal investigation, charge, or arrest a client might be facing, it is their right to be represented by an attorney. At Lowther Walker LLC, our attorneys have spent their entire careers focusing on representing clients of all backgrounds in federal criminal defense cases. Clients faced with an investigation, charges, or an arrest in criminal cases must turn to someone they trust to represent them and their best interests in court. Rigorous and uncompromising in every facet of their preparation and presentation of your case, Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker are best-in-class federal criminal defense attorneys that you need on your side.

Successfully and Aggressively Defending Your Rights

Choosing the right federal criminal defense attorney is the difference between facing significant jail time and fines or walking free. From the moment clients face arrest, the prosecution begins building their case. This process can be frightening and confusing and might lead to feeling hopeless. Many clients believe that their innocence will automatically lead to their acquittal or the dropping of charges, but unfortunately, the legal process is more complicated than that. With such high stakes, these things are better not left to chance. It is essential that, when charged with a crime, individuals choose highly skilled federal criminal defense attorneys like Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker.

At the federal levels, Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker are accomplished attorneys, expertly representing all kinds of cases from misdemeanors to felonies. As expert federal criminal defense attorneys, Mr. Walker and Mr. Lowther have the ability to represent clients facing complicated legal issues in high-stakes cases. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the attorneys at Lowther Walker, LLC are conveniently located near the Hartsfield Jackson Airport, making them highly accessible to local clients and just a short flight away from clients nationwide.

A Criminal Defense Attorney for Any Crime

Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker understand that many clients are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system and may not know what to do or where to turn. They represent all federal criminal defense cases during all stages of investigation, prosecution, appeal, or post-conviction relief matters.

Lowther Walker LLC represents clients facing the following crimes and more:

  • Fraud Offenses
  • Tax Offenses
  • Drug Offenses
  • RICO and VICAR Offenses
  • Firearms Offenses
  • Espionage Offenses
  • International Extraditions
  • International Prisoner Transfers

Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker are prepared to stand by their clients and preserve their freedoms every step of the way. They are especially versed in white-collar federal criminal cases, which can be much more complicated than state criminal cases. In federal cases, criminal charges are typically more complex and the punishments more severe. The government usually spares no expense trying to reach a conviction. This is why clients need the type of federal court experience and aggressive representation that Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker offer.

Common Federal Criminal Defense Services Offered

The attorneys at Lowther Walker, LLC are always ready at a moment’s notice to defend your rights in federal court, no matter what charges you are facing. Their experience has led them to represent many clients in the following ways:

Pre-Indictment Investigations

Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker employ former special agents from government organizations like the DEA, FBI, and IRS-CI to conduct confidential investigations as an early intervention with the goal to deter the government from prosecution. This is one of the most effective ways that Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker successfully defend federal criminal and asset-forfeiture matters in the most streamlined process possible.

Asset Forfeiture Actions

Clients facing asset forfeiture actions because of suspected involvement in a criminal offense face complex, strict, and time-sensitive procedures that require a knowledgeable, diligent, and aggressive defense strategy. Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker handle these proceedings with the appropriate government agencies on clients’ behalf to ensure that assets seized are returned quickly and cases are resolved as ideally as possible.

Pre-Trial Motions Practice

In order to secure a strong defense or dismissal of charges, clients facing criminal accusations require deep and expert knowledge of the law in order to pursue any and every defense means available. Successful pre-trial motions practice can result in the government dropping its case against the accused before the government even has a chance to bring the case to trial. Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker’s thorough reviews of every case will determine the quickest, most successful outcome.


Whether clients are facing minor offenses resulting in a “bench trial” or facing a jury because of more severe charges, they have a right to have their case decided based on the facts of the matter. The attorneys at Lowther Walker LLC recognize this sacred right that their clients have to defend themselves in a court of law and are prepared to compel the government to try to prove each and every charge beyond a reasonable doubt.

Pre-Sentence Investigations and Sentence Mitigation

Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker represent clients already convicted of federal offenses at trial, as well as those who have pled guilty and are awaiting sentencing hearings. As expert federal criminal defense attorneys, Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker thoroughly review each client’s case and pursue any motions necessary to positively impact the sentencing their client is facing.

Direct Discretionary Appeals

Any client convicted of a federal offense and sentenced has the right, unless waived in a plea agreement, to seek a direct appeal to that conviction. Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker meticulously examine the records of each client’s case, utilizing extensive knowledge of federal law and proceedings to pursue every viable appeal option.

Motions for Sentence Reduction

Under certain circumstances and within strict time frames, convicted and sentenced clients may have their sentence reduced by Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 35. When applicable, Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker conduct extensive research and reviews of the client’s case in order to negotiate the filing of such a motion.

Violations of Probation and Supervised Release

Penalties for violations of probation and supervised release for convicted individuals can be severe. Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker aggressively represent and defend clients who are alleged to have violated the terms of their probation or supervised release.

Motions to Vacate

Convicted individuals have the opportunity, according to Section 2255 of Title 28 of the United States Code, to seek to vacate, set aside, or correct the sentence imposed upon them, whether or not they are already in federal custody. Lowther Walker, LLC thoroughly reviews every trial detail of their clients’ cases to determine how to best advocate for the most significant form of post-conviction relief.

International Extraditions

Any individuals deemed fugitives or persons who are simply unaware of a federal warrant for their arrest that are traveling outside of the United States face serious and complex challenges. Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker represent clients facing extradition to the United States from any foreign nation, as well as those clients who have been fugitives but want to resolve their federal criminal matters that remain pending in a US court. Lowther Walker, LLC arranges safe and expeditious transfers from clients’ locations to the US.


Lowther Walker, LLC routinely consults with individuals, corporations, other attorneys, and other experts. Our attorneys provide a second opinion to other counsel and provide consulting services at an hourly rate rather than a fixed fee basis.

Mr. Lowther and Mr. Walker provide these and other services to clients nationwide. They welcome the opportunity to effectively and aggressively defend any charge and win any case.

Experienced. Aggressive. Successful. Nationwide.
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